Why Lansoil?

"Purchase lubricants & fuel from a TRUSTED supplier"
As recommended by major Engine & Equipment manufacturers.

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Support and partnership

Thanks to local technical presence, we provide a high level of services to optimize your total Cost of Ownership.

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3 Good Reasons for Choosing
   TOTAL Branded Lubricants

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Innovation & Research

Total invests in biotechnologies to find the most suitable components to reach energy efficiency through formulations designed in their Research Centers.

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Quality and environment

TOTAL Lubrifiants ISO 9001 certification is the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design stage, TOTAL R&D teams seek to develop products that minimize toxicity risks and environmental impact.

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References & OEMs

Total Lubrifiants cooperates with equipment manufacturers to create high-technology products for optimal performances and protection of your machinery.

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We support you throughout your entire operating cycle:

You can benefit from our expertise and on-site support:
  • Our field engineers and technical backup are at your side to select the correct lubricants for your application and to ensure the best use of them.
We monitor your machines through in-service oils analyses:
  • To check their mechanical condition.
  • To reduce operating costs.
  • To lengthen oil drain intervals.
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Our Promotions: We provide storage tanks, fuel and lubricants dispensing systems at customer premises, garage identification signs, promotional panels and the distribution free of charge of outfits for mechanics, oil change booklets and other useful items.

Benefits from the good use of our industrial lubricants: Coupled with the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Oil (ULSD) that we supply; this ensures competitiveness, safety of the installations, a human and environment friendly practice. The lubricants and fuel play a major role in all these fields; when the correct products are properly used, it enhances the performance and longevity of the production tools, the safety of goods, and the protection of the health of users and the environment. For this reason LansOil offers consultation, recommendations and training to users of the products it supplies adapted to specific industrial applications.
Solutions: LANSOIL develops solutions for industries; by insuring the effectiveness of the machinery and lowering manufacturing costs with specific products that are human and environmentally friendly. TOTAL lubricants are ISO 9001: 2000 certified. These certifications, renewable every 3 years, are the guarantee of our long-term commitment and our high added value service.