Why Lansoil?

"Purchase lubricants & fuel from a TRUSTED supplier"
As recommended by major Engine & Equipment manufacturers.

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Support and partnership

Thanks to local technical presence, we provide a high level of services to optimize your total Cost of Ownership.

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3 Good Reasons for Choosing
   TOTAL Branded Lubricants

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Innovation & Research

Total invests in biotechnologies to find the most suitable components to reach energy efficiency through formulations designed in their Research Centers.

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Quality and environment

TOTAL Lubrifiants ISO 9001 certification is the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design stage, TOTAL R&D teams seek to develop products that minimize toxicity risks and environmental impact.

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References & OEMs

Total Lubrifiants cooperates with equipment manufacturers to create high-technology products for optimal performances and protection of your machinery.

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Our Lubricants
Greases >> Lithium/calcium soap greases
TOTAL offers a very wide range of lubricating greases for all applications of domains: heavy industry (cement plants, iron and steel...), agrifood, papermaking, public works, agriculture and marine.

TOTAL lubricating greases can be classified by (Families) depending on the nature of their soap or thickener.

Lithium/calcium soap greases

MULTIS lithium/calcium soap grease are multipurpose greases combining good performances in regard to resistance to temperature, resistance to water, pump ability and load resistance that can be excellent when the greases have additives. Consequently, MULTIS constitute multi-application greases that permit rationalization of stocks and reduced maintenance costs.

Complex calcium sulfonate soap greases

CERAN complex calcium sulfonate soap is high-technology products developed by TOTAL over many years.

The manufacturing process of calcium sulfonate soap greases requires genuine expertise to achieve the exceptional properties level of CERAN.
  • Remarkable anti-wear and load properties.
  • Exceptional resistance to water, permitting operation in the presence of water content greater than 40% of water, without any degradation of performances, in specific cases.
  • Excellent mechanical stability and high shearing resistance.
  • Resistance at low temperature.
  • Very good resistance to oxidation and corrosion.