Why Lansoil?

"Purchase lubricants & fuel from a TRUSTED supplier"
As recommended by major Engine & Equipment manufacturers.

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Support and partnership

Thanks to local technical presence, we provide a high level of services to optimize your total Cost of Ownership.

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3 Good Reasons for Choosing
   TOTAL Branded Lubricants

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Innovation & Research

Total invests in biotechnologies to find the most suitable components to reach energy efficiency through formulations designed in their Research Centers.

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Quality and environment

TOTAL Lubrifiants ISO 9001 certification is the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design stage, TOTAL R&D teams seek to develop products that minimize toxicity risks and environmental impact.

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References & OEMs

Total Lubrifiants cooperates with equipment manufacturers to create high-technology products for optimal performances and protection of your machinery.

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Green Diesel Oil Distribution & Home Heat
ULSD stands for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. It's a clean burning fuel that has a maximum sulfur content of 15 ppm. It's an environmentally friendly fuel, designed for use in both medium and high speed diesel engines. It is carefully blended to give properties such as quick starting, smoke control and reduced deposits. It also provides exceptional low temperature operation and protection from injector and pump wear.
ULSD will generally look lighter in color and have less smell than other diesel fuel.

  • Green Diesel Oil: ULSD of french origin, better than official specifications.
  • Distribution by TOTAL LIBAN.
  • Prices: Fixed on a weekly basis.
  • Quality and Quantity guaranteed.
  • Deliveries within 2 working days from order date.

Green Diesel Oil Distribution: Home Heat Quantity per single order: a minimum of L 500 by State of the Art trucks equipped with digital pumping meters (DAFA TOTAL).
Commencement date: July 1, 2014

For your orders please call:
04/711850 or 03/222469 or 03/116266
Weekdays between 09:00 & 14:00 hours.
Saturdays between 09:00 & 12:00 hours.